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After a long time, I only start my own flickr account.

Usually I not really into Yahoo product like Yahoo Messenger, Yahoo Mail!, and Yahoo Search…. but this is an exception.

Used to be created by Ludicorp, a Vancouver based company and later been acquired by Yahoo for $35 million.

flickr has become a world recognition by most photographers as their online platform. Providing a high quality and clear definition of picture uploading service.

Well, to be honest, I am into flickr just because my pictures turns bad after uploading into Facebook. The picture lost details and noise shot up.

Still keep Facebook but flickr will be another primary platform.

Only one thing I have to mention ’bout flickr:

Flickr offers two types of accounts: Free and Pro. Free account users are allowed to upload 300 MB of images a month and 2 videos. Also, if a free user has more than 200 photos on the site, they will only be able to see the most recent 200 in their photostream. The other photos that were uploaded are still stored on the site and links to these images in blog posts remain active. Free users can also contribute to a maximum of 10 photo pools. If a free account is inactive for 90 consecutive days, Flickr reserves the right to delete it. For a free account, no one (including the account owner) can access the original file. If the account is upgraded to a pro account, then the original files are available for download.

Pro accounts allow users to upload an unlimited number of images and videos every month and receive unlimited bandwidth and storage. Photos may be placed in up to 60 group pools, and Pro account users receive ad-free browsing and have access to account statistics. As soon as a Pro account expires, it reverts back to the restrictions of a free account, including Flickr reserving the right to delete an account that is “inactive for 90 consecutive days”.Unfortunately Flickr may delete a Pro account without giving any reason nor warning to the account’s owner.

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Several 10 years ago, there is Polaroid camera. A camera which let you to get instant picture result on a printed paper.

It was an uber cool in-thingy throughout the period of time. A mighty invention before the digital camera era for people that so nervous and can’t wait to see the result.

Sadly, Polaroid stucked in mud of debt and stop the production.

The act hurt thoundsands of Polaroid fans.

Some clever guys try for a experimental project to make a type of replacement for the Polaroid 600 type but it is so expensive. 8 shots for Rm80.

Until someone introduce me his newly finding- The Poladroid

An application to have your picture to look like Polaroid by drag and drop your pic file to process. Extremely easy and idiot proof.

Support both Microsoft Windows and Apple MacOSX platform.


In order to have fun, feel like geek or to try out new operating system(OS), people tend to use multiple OS  in their machine.

To save energy, time and less risk of mistake rub off data and partitioning disk, virtual machines application like VMWare and VirtualBox is recommended.

Todays PC  processing power and resource can and have the ability to power up several OS-es at a time without any doubt.

For multibooters, sometimes we(I’m one of them) met some problems  in updating the OS, in-correct path booting up and bla bla bla.

Since every OS now came with their own bootloader. GRUB/GRUB2, LILO both for Linux(can recognise Microsoft Windows), Windows Xp and Windows Vista/7 that are using different kind of bootloader, and some Hackintosh(some hackers change the script inorder to boot MacOSX in IBM-formatted machine) users.

Currently I’m using dual boot my AMD powered machine(64-bit) for Fedora14(x86) and Windows 7 Professional(x64).

Introducing EasyBCD by NeoSmart Technologies.

It’s a bootloader mend for all which supports various kinds of OS.

One can create the bootloader in any partition of harddisk in the machines and point the OS to it.

In fact you can just create the loader for multiple OS and rearrange the boot sequence.


Go check it out~!