Wanna do some photography post here. It’s about sense.

Well, I revamped my thinking method slowly throughout the pace when I’m getting into it deeper and deeper thanks to those people around me. They are awesome to share and teach.

In some old time, not that old yet, I always think of composition, colour tone, noise, exposure, gears, and stuffs like wanna be a pro or at least try to be.

I always tame myself with some saying: It’s not about camera, it’s about photography eyes. It works for those who really into the field and sometimes the advance gear help a lot . On the other hand, it’s just some lame excuse for myself to sound pro but the reality is I’m f**king poor and can’t even get myself a camera…..

Just another lame guy but…


I found out what should I do to continue the journey.

Not shoot more, not buy more.

I’ll go try to find what can I get on my hands and do some miracle.

I’m too particular for the normal aspect of photography judgement method and they really poison my mind.

I should just go free.

I’m creative I can feel that. I can do anything flash across my mind. I have great mind to master some skills, and I wanna have soul in my outcome.

It’s me, just snap and take it down.

It’s always fun to be a brilliant minority.

Creative with quality control.

Anything will do great with great method.

Good sense helps.

Snap with happy heart.


Ps: Papa, I’ll dig out all your cameras and accessories. Please lend me. I’m a good son…