In order to have fun, feel like geek or to try out new operating system(OS), people tend to use multiple OS  in their machine.

To save energy, time and less risk of mistake rub off data and partitioning disk, virtual machines application like VMWare and VirtualBox is recommended.

Todays PC  processing power and resource can and have the ability to power up several OS-es at a time without any doubt.

For multibooters, sometimes we(I’m one of them) met some problems  in updating the OS, in-correct path booting up and bla bla bla.

Since every OS now came with their own bootloader. GRUB/GRUB2, LILO both for Linux(can recognise Microsoft Windows), Windows Xp and Windows Vista/7 that are using different kind of bootloader, and some Hackintosh(some hackers change the script inorder to boot MacOSX in IBM-formatted machine) users.

Currently I’m using dual boot my AMD powered machine(64-bit) for Fedora14(x86) and Windows 7 Professional(x64).

Introducing EasyBCD by NeoSmart Technologies.

It’s a bootloader mend for all which supports various kinds of OS.

One can create the bootloader in any partition of harddisk in the machines and point the OS to it.

In fact you can just create the loader for multiple OS and rearrange the boot sequence.


Go check it out~!