Well, that’s the situation. Seems I am too busybody.

Someone quote me a sentence: “LF: abt the last phase ,the saddest thing is although u knw the REAL photography and you hav pro skill on it…but u dun even hav the cam to practise on…then dun talk abt photography…practise makes perfect..

Ahem, you just got me wrong. I’m just a n00b. I still don’t know what is the real photography is and am still searching for it.

Definition of practice: Practicing is the absorption, mastery and maintenance of skills.

Just a concern, if you never understand how you gonna practice ? Simple as that.

Sometimes sharing what you know even it is a little compare to others that have a great success or willing to help to those newbie(I think) can cause you a lot of unwanted troubles and pissed off feelings.

Yah, I don’t have my own camera. It’s true. I’m always a poor fella. This doesn’t mean I can’t learn. Sound right ?

I admit it is a bit hurt when saw that sentence. You just don’t know how much effort I put in learning those stuff by ownself and using twice the time to nail it little by little when I can get my hands on a machine. Well, I don’t care what I use. I only care what I want, what I think and what’s the output. Just because I have no choice.

That’s why someone is too pampered, they don’t think much. Money is a easy thing for them I guess. For me, I’m not. Everything I have now came from my own ability. I don’t have debt loan to anyone except my dad and mom who support my daily needs. The rest? Just fork out by myself.

Only because I dump all my money into music gear. I hate to make decision. That’s sad. I can’t support both of my hobbies. If I am you, I won’t have this kinds of problems. Simple as that.

As lesson told, never look down on anyone. I am a loser right now. No cash, no car, no boy friend/ girl friend. I can’t go hang out in those high classy places and I don’t have parents that can support those big money spending act.

Skills and art doesn’t measures with how much gears you have. Gears are just tools to help achieve your goals. Without the spirit and skill gears are just gears.

At least I have souls that you never experience.

At least, my ‘lack of practice’ pictures outcomes can pawn yours.

At least, I’m not a poser!

One things I gotta say, you are just too naive.