It dark outside with a dimly lighted street lamp. The crickets are noisy. The eerie sounds makes me think of last time. It makes me think of the box that contains 2 fake crickets and a mechanism that imitates the sounds everytime open it. Now it was gone long time ago since I know how to write. Ok forget about that.

My shadow is chasing me every time I walk by. Ah, I just got a big size patch of blue black on my right calf in my sleep last week. That’s all…

My neighbours facing my windows laugh like witches. Too cool they have brooms too, for cleaning their compound every early morning. Before going to work I will sing. Hope I manage to entertain them.

The night still young but I’m old enough to go to sleep. Seven hours they said as the best period to sleep. I need more, especially when I’m awake for few days. Oh, that’s last time when I still have my band.

Can you please tell me where is my bandmates? They are missing. Physically and mentally, body and soul, bits or pieces or what ever you want to say. Thank god I finally run away from that. You know I’m lying…

Oh, just wanna told the whole world that I’m just boring in the sense of I just lost myself. I know I looked as cool as always just with a baldy head now.

Thanks for wasting your 5 minutes.

Bye bye