Well, start from this month I am a transformer. I think I just transform too much. Too much until in  a way that will affect my health, seriously. I cut my damn lovely long hair because of this. Worst of, just found out those people working in my field contains a great numbers of long hair lovers. Oh just forget about it.

The suckest part in working is not working but the process to get to work. It starts like this: On lining till late night and go to bed without bath. Working up late at the next morning and run out of time for bath. Hell yeah! Just gel my short hair to become spiky just rush to catch the bus. Man catch bus to get to lrt then take a bus again to the office. Total cost Rm3.30 per trip. Still consider resonable as I walk for so long with the damn heavy lappy.

My boss is a nice smoker. He is just a genius but a little bit scary cause I can’t cheat him on my work. He just will notice it as soon as he glance through. He just surprise me with Seremban siew pao nd force me to take it. What a nice forcing…

Stay Tune(-.-)v