In simple, this is some kind of performance from music faculty students may be to show off what they can do with their ability. Well so envy with their chance and the superb instrument they used. Quality wise, in my point of view is too good to be. Well can’t talk much about that cause I am way off in the half way rushing to see my friends jamming.

It took place in UM grand hall. This make me think of my gig inside before. Yohoo! Same as usual, it’s so cold until making my fingers frozen. That’s bad for playing instrument but to my surprise they carried out very well.

This is the first thing that made me ‘wow’. The Iranian looked alike keyboardist playing his own composed track after reading ‘The Knight of The Light’ if not mistaken. Who cares? I think he play faster that my eyes can blink and so tight made me overwhelmed. Seriously it is kinds of feel like watching adventurous movie in GSC. It is a pure movie soundtrack. Awesome awesome stuff. May be there is a day we can hear this again in one of the movie.

I don’t have clue on how the pianist play. I don’t play a piano and don’t know how to determine what is great and what is sucks. Look at that, C.Steinberg grand piano.

Quite impressed with the touch and control on bass playing. Nothing more or less.

I got a feeling:”What the fuck he gonna study in UM?” He is just the best drummer I ever seen in live…The consistancy, the control are way too superb. Nothing to complain about. Yeah fucking good. Talked to him before in personal. He owned a shop in Sri Hartamas teaching richie foreigner’s kids drum for Rm3-5k per month. Cool right?