It can be consider so lucky to hook up with a bassist friend. It took me so long how to describe him. Got to know and meet him in “yamcha” session after my gig in UM. To me he is another Chris but in slapping mode. He is well too kind and over friendly. His face made me think of some kind of man that can’t harm anyone. That’s the kind of people who play bass? Haha.

Talking about their jamming room. It is owned by their drummer. There is a set of Roland v-Drum which is abandoned at a corner and a set of full set dW drum. A full set but not a standard set. If you happen to see what Iron Maiden or Children of Bodom, that’s it! Some more few different snare drums for different genre of songs and lots of cymbals and percussion stuff. Can find so many new drum skins. It is a drummer heaven.

Last night he invited me to watch his Jrock band jamming. It can be considered as a perfect chance for me to observe how a pro band start their jamming and prepare for their up coming gig. Honestly I never feel bored even in the 2.5 hours time keep jamming and adjusting 1 and a half song. Every time they start I can saw new things. Their attitude, passion and professionalism seriously made me gag. The song they jam are fucking hard and I think can pawn most of the metal song on the market in skill wise. Seriously!!

That’s something I observed and concluded during that few hours.

  1. making homework
  2. practice and don’t waste your bandmates precious time
  3. be precise and do the best
  4. always communicate and conclude
  5. use a better and suitable gear to carry out the sound making
  6. Know your gear


Even for a pro drummer he always carry a metronome and listen to the beats all the time playing using earphone. Drums is the most important to synchronize the whole band.


It is my problem since long ago and I am on the way. Old words. Be precise and on time. Quite impress the style of playing and the knowledge on music of my friend. Salute.


There is something more or less same with bass. Rumors from others say the lead guitarist never practice guitar at home. He practice anywhere in his mind. This means he can imagine how his playing sound like. Results is like imagine Edwin playing a song for a year? Quite impressed with his playing but he is a bit “cool” who doesn’t like to talk…Haha


When they out from their car, lots and lots of hardcase. The best part is I got a chance to touch Fender maple neck American deluxe. It is so cool and lucky I don’t make a scar on it. Always like a Fender with maple neck. It just feel like a chic with only bikini. May be will go into a 5-string since it is not as difficult for my tiny palm as I thought before and it is easier for me to drop if wanna play heavier. Just a regret not testing his tone shaping pedal and others gear. I am too shy last night.

Also want to thank Sim sharing his thoughts on tone and skills on slapping-double up down slap.

How nice!!