Learn this in last night jamming.

This kind of technique is suitable for most of the pro multi-effect on the market and only compatible with amps that support this kind of technology.

If you have a good amp that you like such as the tone and you want to shape your tone using the amp’s built in preamp and also using your effect processor to process your signal at the same time, this method is suitable for you.

Plug your guitar straight to your amp and send the signal to effect processor then send the processed signal to the amp. Or plug your guitar to the effect processor and connect to the output to amp input. Don’t forget to connect the send and return jack to the for amp and processor.

By using this method you can keep your tone of the amp but still can use the effect on the processor. As we know every amp has its characteristic which made the particular amp unique for the sound.

another diagram :

Have a good try!!