Precisely speaking,this is Malaysian style prom night. Yes we won’t find any moment like what we watch inside a movie: Get a girl as partner go dance and take her home and… The rest you make a nice ending. By the way It’s a great apportunity to rest my sight on nice looking girls. It is so rare to see them dressed in evening gawns.

As usual I am the camera-man. To photograph or to be photographed, I chose taking others’ nice picture. Thanks to Kenny who is willing to lend out his newly bought Pentax-Kx. Appreciate it.

So let the picture do the talking.

The scene quite nice actually since it is rated as 5 stared hotels in Putrajaya. Quite comfy the place. On the way back saw some Red Bull Fl Racing crews. Heard that they got the pole position in the qualifying session on wet gravel in Sepang. Off topic a little. Foods is yucky although we paid Rm100 for it. I think may be the portion used on food just too little. It still won’t spoil the mood since I am on other purpose.

Even there is a time where a photographer is to be photographed.

Two usually is better than one

She ran out from online-game

You know I am enjoying…

A cute little girl

and some random shot

Acting gay while waiting for the start

Funniest shot of the day(the shadow keep me laughing)


Disco session

Well to try the 200mm len, we try some paparazi shot and wow!




The last part is always the most interesting part, at least for guys unless you are gay…

Enjoy !