It has been some time I want to have a look and feel the shop since long ago. Edwin dude Yeoh dude all said it was fun. Yah It is Bently Music. All the years since I came to KL I went to Bently to have a look on some gears. Well I play music for fun. There are 2 Bently Music in KL. The smaller but easier to access one is located in Jln Bkt Bintang which is on smalle scale.

Edwin had to wait for me finish my bass class in McD drinking unlimited refill and WIFI with his Iphone. Just hope that he would’t intoxicate his mind absorbing so much radiated waves and caffein.

It is and still the biggest music shop in Malaysia. If you go to The Curve or IKEA, it is just a crossing road aside IKEA and a storey above Courts Mammoth. Well the scene is not making me wow and jaw drop if compare to those in Taiwan, Hong Kong or Japan even British and America(from pictures and never went to places I mentioned before) but that is a real impact to see so much high quality and well crafted sound making machine with soul inside. It made me hard to hold my saliva. Really.

You really can see so many all time favorite brands something like Fender , MXR, Electro-Harmonix, Ibanez, MusicMan , Marshall, MesaBoogie….The only downside is you can never find a Gibson there. May be in the future I guess?

The kind of feeling is like you give a drinker a whisky, a racer with a fast going car or an addict with marijuana. It is just marvelous. You can touch, try and go insane with the instrument as long as you don’t ruin it or your pocket is deep enough to bring’em home. There is also a place called VIP room with glass wall and glass door locked up. Yeah and damn it is their most valuable place I guess. All tube amp head+cabinet ,guitar and bases. I think I don’t need to mention those names.

The bass room is a little bit small compare to guitar section. That’s the trend in Malaysia. Bassists are tagged fail guitarists. Well that’s some stupid opinion from someone who really doesn’t know a shit a all. That’s is also why you can find tonnes of guitarists outside but not a bassist. Yeah, I am bassist and I feel I am the precious exotic animal in my band. I am protected by law rights. Wait a second, that is still fun to touch my favorite maple necked Jazz Bass and some others. That place is so cool even without air-con.

However don’t dare to try. My face are not thick enough and that goes for my pockets too. If accidents happen, I am dead. By the way saw few rich pampered kids. They are not good at all, at least for what I saw yesterday. Their parents just drop them down letting them choose what they like. Hack, saw a fat chinese kid testing Andy Timmon Ibanez+MXR Fullbore Metal+Dunlop Dime wah. My mind really froze and can please help me count how much the total they cost. His dad just want him to call when he make up his mind. Another girl carried a Fender Stratocaster with her mom. I must admit I got sour in fact more sour than my gastric in my heart. What if my parents are like that? I think I will play 8 hours a day to improve, for sure!!!

Everyone in band use up all their money to buy the cheapest gear from the beginning, slowly upgrade and train ourselves. It is a hard way went through and to go. Today kids are too pampered. Well I think if we were pampered too, may be our storeroom will live some rare expensive guitar and basses covered in dust. The theory is when you got something easily, you won’t appreciate it.

Hope I won’t scare you. We turn over and over around that floor using 3++hours…

Last word to describe the 1 day trip? COOL!!