The clock strikes 4.30a.m. Don’t worry it is just a normal situation. I am and usually is a nocturnal creature.

Went to 1Utama to wait for the light shutting during earth hour. Clearly, my intention was not support the mother nature saving festival. I shouldn’t call it a fest but it seems like to turn out to be. Well festival for the whole world and for the earth. Tell you here, I was waiting for the complete shut down of the eletricity and by that one hour period where light turns off and the beeping happy security scanner down. I want a MacBook Pro for free. Sorry i stole this idea from a friend of mine who is working in Machine. You can seriously figure it out I am telling a sick joke here.

I went to there, for nothing just want to hang out with my friends. It is hard for me to see them even though I saw them the night before.

Edwin’s car was considered lucky. It didn’t die on the way with smoke and big holes in the engine block. I don’t want to be like an idiot standing beside the high way waiting helpless for the tow car. Ahh, forget to tell, we are at the edge of broke. Thanks God, at least we can have our meals and bad habits.

The oil. He was suspecting something strange since a few days before. The lubricant just finish while the car just clocked 1500KM after the service. It just dried out magically. The thing scared us shitless when we stop to buy the cheapest lubricant from Petronas to add in but the floor just turned out to be a pool of oil. Blacky oil.

Oil seal gone. Changing that need to separate all the mechanical stuff. Drive shaft, gear box+clutch…..The clutch also almost gone after years and years of abusing. I won’t and don’t want to talk craps since no one will like this kind of motorhead things. It cost only a mere Rm400++. Not a big figure but He is on serious debt.

There is also a funny scene. A SLK(super little kancil) turned half turtle in SS2. The driver looks stupid and happy? A picture speaks a thousand words. Unfortunately I don’t have a camera beside me. Don’t ask me why. I am just a poor guy.

About earth hour, the surrounding turned even brighter. At least for what I saw.

Good night with lights off. Can let me on my fan?